Need More Help? How To Find a Lactation Consultant in your Area

La Leche League meetings and Leader support are very helpful for many breastfeeding situations. Please contact a leader (see "Contact a Leader for Help!" tab) for support and information to help you with your nursing questions.

However, sometimes more individualized or more clinical lactation support is needed. If you are in search of more personalized lactation care, please find one of the many excellent
International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs)
in the Princeton, NJ region using any one of these methods:

  • NJ lactation support database (as well as CT, GA, LA, MA, NH, NC, WI)

  • Lactation Consultants throughout the US

  • If you have Aetna or Amerihealth insurance - the vast majority of Aetna and Amerihealth policyholders get 6 free visits with an in-network IBCLC!

  • If you have insurance from an insurance company other than Aetna or Amerihealth - IBCLCs are healthcare professionals, covered by insurance, by the Affordable Care Act. Your visit should be covered through reimbursement from your insurance. However, each policy differs on how the coverage is handled. For more information, please read "Ten Facts You Must Know About Insurance and Breastfeeding Support"

  • IBCLCs possess extensive training and provide clinical care in the management of lactation - from pregnancy to weaning.  IBCLCs help mothers and infants to breastfeed in hospital, outpatient and home settings.  IBCLCs assist not only healthy babies, but also critically ill and premature babies.  Lactation consultants use clinical skills, education and support to help mothers overcome physical and other challenges to successful breastfeeding, and work with your doctors, midwives or other providers in your healthcare support system.

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