Meeting Info

The La Leche League of Princeton group 
meets at the 

Gymboree Play & Music
at Forestal Village in Princeton

113 Rockingham Row, Princeton, NJ 08540 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

On the 2nd Tuesday of each month (usually)

Upcoming meeting dates for 2017 are:

Jan 10
Feb 14
Mar 14 - cancelled due to snowstorm!!

April - TBD!!!

May 9
June 13
July 11
Aug 8

Sept 12 - cancelled due to renovations at our meeting location - see you next month, and don't forget to check out other LLL groups in NJ (see link below) as well as hospital based support groups!

Oct 10 - unfortunately cancelled due to leader being sick.  Have a great month, don't forget to visit other groups (see link below) and/or call or email a leader for help!

Nov 14
Dec 12

Did you just miss one of our meetings????  Or, is it just too long to wait until the next meetings?  Don't fret!!!  There are many LLL groups in the Central NJ area and you can find them all here -

LLL groups are available for all pregnant and nursing mothers, and you are welcome to attend as many groups as you would like for more support, and/or to meet moms in your area!

Please find more information on other LLL groups through the  LLL of Mercer County Facebook page

Hope to see you soon!


  1. Hi- wondering if you have a meetings schedule for January 2017? Thanks!

  2. Yes! We are re-starting next week (Jan 10), I've updated the page to show the upcoming meetings.

  3. Hi! I'm a birth doula in Princeton and I'd love to connect! I plan to attend the next meeting with my 7 month old, because I've never been to a LLL meeting and I've wanted to do so for a while. Also, I was asked for a recommendation for breastfeeding classes in the area from a pregnant client and wondered if you had any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Hi Tae, thanks so much for contacting us! We would love to have you and your baby at our meetings! Unfortunately, we can not recommend specific people/businesses through LLL, but attending LLL meetings or calling a leader while pregnant is a great way to get ready for breastfeeding because you can ask questions and hear other mom's stories. Also, having a prenatal consult wiht an IBCLC (which are often covered by insurance, depending on your plan) is an excellent way to learn more about breastfeeding because of the personalized nature. For both LLL meetings and private consults, you can go into much more depth compared with a one hour class at a hospital or baby store. Please see the tabs above for information on contacting a leader or IBCLC in our area.