Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to Contact a Lactation Consultant In Your Area

IBCLCs are healthcare professionals, covered by insurance, who do pre and postnatal home visits.  Visits include full evaluations of you and your baby, latch assistance, pumping techniques and much more. IBCLCs are covered by insurance, by the Affordable Care Act. Please read "Ten Facts You Must Know About Insurance and Breastfeeding Support" for more info.

IBCLCs possess extensive training to provide clinical care in the management of lactation - from pregnancy to weaning.  IBCLCs help mothers and infants to breastfeed in hospital, outpatient and home settings as an integral part of a mother’s healthcare team.  IBCLCs assist not only healthy babies but also critically ill and premature babies.  Lactation consultants also provide clinical skills, education and support to help mothers overcome physical and other challenges to successful breastfeeding, and work as part of a team with your doctors, midwives or other providers in your healthcare support system.

See the tab above to find many IBCLCs in the Princeton area and beyond, or click here:

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