Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Treasure Trove of Breastfeeding Information:
Global Health Media!

We just can not say enough about the Global Health Media Project.

Their videos are an extraordinary source for Childbirth, Breastfeeding and Newborn care (and more). 
AND... wait for it - the videos are available in 20 languages!

 Our favorite videos are here (we have posted the YouTube versions so that you can see the videos directly from this page), but please check out their site to watch from their wonderful library!

"Breastfeeding in the First Hours"
This extraordinary video shows the birth, breast crawl and first self-latching of 3 different babies.
It's just so beautiful

"Attaching Your Baby at the Breast"
Describes invaluable information about how to get the deepest latch and
how to know if your baby is likely to be nursing effectively.

"How to Express Breastmilk"
Hand expression is an often overlooked skill.  It is invaluable for relieving engorgement
and for helping jump-start your supply.  It's also incredibly useful if you need extra milk for your baby in the first week, when learning how to pump can be challenging.

"Increasing your Milk Supply"
Describes how to use breast compressions while your baby is nursing
to help your baby get more milk and simultaneously increase your supply.

"What to do About Nipple Pain"
Like some of the resources above, this video describes how important a deep latch is
for pain-free breastfeeding, and how to alleviate pain.

"Is Your Baby Getting Enough Milk"
As valuable as knowing how to breastfeed is knowing how to
evaluate how well your baby is growing on your amazing milk.

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